Military Aviation

We offer a wide range of products related to specific aviation applications, mission management and support system solutions for air platforms in the TAF inventory, with the experience we have gained from the projects we carry out on mission support systems.

Capabilities - Competencies

  • Embedded software solutions
  • 2D/3D cockpit situational awareness, synthetic image and virtual reality
  • Multi-criteria optimisation, advanced mission and flight planning
  • UAV Mission and Payload Planning
  • Advanced navigation database support: IFR planning and advanced search
  • Performance analysis and planning (vario, fuel, cargo, CG, CARP/HARP)
  • Avionic integration
  • DO-178B / C, DO-200A / B certification
  • Command and control systems integration
  • GNSS independent navigation
  • Multi-language support, UTM, MGRS and geographic coordinates, 50+ datum, true/magnetic north demonstration
  • With real-time trajectory estimation capability; obstacle, terrain, threat, border, TSU, NOTAM, VCS etc. analysis and advanced visual and aural warnings avoiding nuisance alerts
  • Collision Avoidance Vector to protect aircraft CFIT (Controlled Flight Into Terrain/Obstacle) accidents
  • Platform-independent (Integrity 178B, Linux RT, Windows) and mobile compatible systems
  • Applicable Standards: ARINC 424, DAFIF, DO-200A / B, METAR / TAF, GRIB, HTAWS, RTCA DO-309, DEVT, MT76-1A, MIL-STD-2525B, DO-178B, DO-257A, MIL-STD-6017A, MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429, OpenGL SC 1.0, IMO MSC 232(82), IEC 61174, IEC 62288, IEC 61162, IEC 60945, NMEA 0183, IHO S-57, IHO S-52, NATO STANAG 4564, NATO STANAG 7170
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