Smart Loitering Munition System


  • Reliable Day and Night Operation
  • Precision strike
  • Tracking Moving Targets
  • High Performance Navigation, Flight Control and Guidance Algorithms
  • In-Flight Mission Abort and Emergency Self-Destruction Modes
  • Indigenous National Embedded Hardware and Software
  • Image Processing-Based Control Applications
  • Image data assisted navigation under GPS Denied conditionsi


Technical Features

Operating Range  60+ km
Endurance 60+ dk
Warhead 11 kg High Explosive Blast Fragmentation, Armour Piercing and Thermobaric Warhead Options
Weight  55 kg
Height  2.3 m
Target Set 

Mobile and Stationary Air Defence Systems, Radar or Communication Systems, Command Centers, Light Armoured Land Vehicles, etc.

Integrated Air Platforms 

MALE and HALE class UAVs, Fixed wing aircraft, attack and general purpose helicopters (i.e. AKINCI, TB-3, AKSUNGUR, ANKA, Hürkuş, ATAK-2, GÖKBEY)

Integrated Land Platforms

Land Vehicles, Unmanned Land Vehicles

Integrated Naval Platforms 

Surface Vessels, Unmanned Sea Vehicles

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