Fixed Wing Loitering Munition System

Capabilities | Competencies

  • Reliable Day and Night Operation
  • Autonomous precision strike with minimum collateral damage
  • Tracking Moving Targets
  • High Performance Navigation, Flight Control and Guidance Algorithms
  • Deployable and Operable by Single Soldier
  • In-Flight Mission Abort and Emergency Self-Destruction Modes
  • Advanced and Indigenous Electronic Ammunition Safety, Setup and Trigger Systems
  • Indigenous National Embedded Hardware and Software
  • Wide Lateral View Angle
  • Image Processing-Based Control Applications
  • Embedded and Real-Time Object Tracking, Detection and Classification
Stm Alpagu Videocover

Technical Features

Operational Range < 10 km
Mission Endurance 15 minutes
Warhead < 0.3 kg
Engine Electrical
Launch Method Pnömatik Kanister

405389501 370560405 Lai3

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