Terrain Aided Autonomous Navigation

TerraFlite™ is a terrain aided autonomous navigation solution for airborne platforms in GPS absent or denied environments. It measures ground terrain features through a Radar Altimeter and correlates those features with stored Digital Terrain Elevation Data and Barometric Altimeter to provide more precise aircraft position equal to or better than GPS.


  • Reduced target horizontal and vertical error with increased platform position accuracy,
  • Increased situational awareness through high correlation among real world and position  ased image generation,
  • More precise passive obstacle warnings,
  • Jam Resistant,
  • GPS Independent,
  • Low Cost
  • High resolution DTED Level-2 terrain elevation data,
  • Arrive on target in GPS absent/denied environments,
  • Can be used with digital moving map, obstacle & terrain warning and auto piloting systems,
  • Easy integration with airborne systems,
  • Fully integrated with FocusFlite™ AS solutions


  • Support COTS processors,
  • Support Windows and Unix-based operating systems,
  • Certifiable to DO-178B Level-C,
  • Support MIL-STD-1553B, ARINC-429, Ethernet, RS232 interfaces.