STM's Swarm UAV's Make an Impression at the Haydar Aliyev Exercise

23.06 2023

BUMIN STM Swarm Drone Operatıons Haydar Alıyev Exercıse


STM’s tactical mini UAV systems played an active role in the Haydar Aliyev Exercise-2023 conducted by the Turkish Armed Forces and the Azerbaijani Armed Forces in Kars.

Developed by STM with national engineering capabilities, the results of the Swarm Intelligence UAV Project (BUMIN) fulfilled all expectations during the Heydar Aliyev Exercise. In the executed scenario, six KARGU platforms took off and executed a swarm drone operation.

The exercise witnessed successful performances by Türkiye’s first indigenous attack UAV KARGU, the national surveillance UAV TOGAN and the munition-launching UAV BOYGA, all of which have entered the inventory of the Turkish security forces, while ALPAGU, STM’s indigenous fixed-wing attack UAV system, successfully destroyed the defined targets during the exercise.

Swarm Intelligence UAV Project (BUMIN)

By providing KARGU with swarm intelligence functions, multiple platforms are able to communicate with each other and share tasks,  while their targeting and prioritisation capabilities permit the execution of swarm attacks. The advanced functions integrated into KARGU allow both autonomous and swarm operations,  drawing upon such advanced functions as deep learning-based computer vision techniques and real-time object detection, identification and tracking.

STM’s Swarm Intelligence UAV Project (BUMIN) is named BUMIN, an old Turkic word meaning “Division” or “Union”, and pays heed to Bumin Qaghan, the founder of the Göktürk Empire.


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