Electronic and Radar Warfare Products

Radar Systems

In addition to the target detection radars and location estimation systems we have developed, we offer mission-critical indigenous solutions for the security forces and TAF through our high-tech hardware solutions, antenna design and simulations.

We develop indigenous radar technologies for urban warfare, search and rescue activities, and air and land activities as well as real-time radar systems with high update frequency to be used for the detection of targets in operations.


  • Mine and improvised explosive device detection
  • Detection of movements of live targets (micro/macro) through-the-wall
  • Viewing through-the-wall
  • Coastal surveillance systems
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) signal processing

Capabilities | Competencies

  • Ultra wide band radar technology
  • V / UHF radar technologies
  • Antenna transceiver unit designs
  • National algorithm and software development
  • Radar signal processing and display (2 dimensions and 3 dimensions)
  • Indigenous hardware development
  • System integration and testing

Electronic Warfare Systems

Location Estimation Systems

Within the scope of civil and military applications, national algorithms and integrated location estimation systems have been developed for the detection and tracking of illegal and suspicious broadcastings.

  • Indigenous signal processing algorithms
  • Integration to advanced technology hardware
  • Precise location estimation performance
  • Cost-effective coverage of large areas

Capabilities | Competencies

  • Target Signal Detection
  • Modulation Detection
  • Broadband Signal Recording
  • Precise Location Estimation

Integration Projects

We realise the knowledge we have gained in radar technologies and complex software development areas with integration projects in different fields. In this context, the company has completed the establishment of complex distributed systems ranging from camera system installations in approximately 5,000 Post Office (PTT) branches throughout Turkiye to self-sustaining Coastal Surveillance Stations (CSSs), including their infrastructures, superstructures and renewable energy systems, on the Aegean and Black Sea coasts.


Capabilities | Competencies

  • System Engineering
  • System Integration
  • Radar Imaging
  • Electronic Chart Display and Information System
  • Radio Link Data Transfer
  • Energy infrastructures
  • Infrastructure / superstructure installation
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