Advanced Analytics & Mechanisation

Industry 4.0 represents a new phase in the industrial revolution that focuses mainly on automation, machine learning, and real-time data. Industry 4.0, covering IoT and intelligent production, creates a more holistic and better ecosystem for companies that focus on production and supply chain management. Industry 4.0 aims to combine physical production and operations with intelligent digital technology, machine learning and big data. The term "smart city" is defined as the new urbanisation concept and model based on the application of the new generation technologies (Internet of Things, cloud computing, cyber-physical systems, big data and other technologies) of Industry 4.0. Many different topics such as construction, management, integrated industrialization, information, modernisation and sustainable development of cities are studied within the scope of smart cities.

We are increasing our level of competence in making more innovative by integrating machine learning algorithms in many projects and products we are developing in order to benefit from big data. Basically, we are working to raise awareness of the big data available to our customers, to process this data by building big data infrastructures and architectures, and to make sense with advanced data analytics methods. We offer solutions that can update itself more successfully and adaptively than standard rule-based approaches by approaching the field of data management, data analysis, optimization techniques and cyber security with a machine learning perspective independently.

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