Autonomy | Underwater Platforms

It is predicted that the trend in design and product solutions in the field of defence, as in all areas globally, are towards “unmanned/autonomous” systems, and that autonomous product/system solutions will provide great advantages in meeting the operational needs in the near future, and starting from here, our research studies for what we can do in the underwater field started in 2019.

Within the scope of the study, the market including the current situation of the Unmanned Underwater Vehicles market, growth rates, general needs and the factors affecting the growth, the studies performed or being performed globally, market providers and opportunities and restrictions such as users and manufacturers that may affect the growth of the unmanned underwater vehicle market and competition analysis data were investigated.

The study also compiled the general characteristics, technical and financial information regarding underwater vehicles, as well as information on current and potential users of the vehicles mentioned. As a result of all these researches and the feasibility of the information we have compiled, our research and studies continue to develop three different scale unmanned/autonomous underwater vehicles that will meet the needs of the users in the domestic and global market.

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