Stm BlockchainAlthough blockchain technology has entered our lives as a virtual money transfer with bitcoin, it has managed to affect many areas such as banking, energy, logistics, agriculture, supply, identity systems today. Although the security of the blockchain depends on the algorithms to be used, it is based on mutual trust. Instead of relying on a single center, in a system where the parties trust each other, it is envisaged that it may be the safest technology especially for the loss, change and theft of data.

Looking at the existing systems, blockchain is a technology that can provide solutions to complex and bureaucratic processes, but it is still a developing technology that is at the stage of testing all over the world.

We continue our studies in various fields on how blockchain technology can be used both in the private sector and in government applications. Storage and protection of confidential and critical information are among the first places where blockchain technology can be used in the field of defence. By transferring information in communication systems in the military area through blockchain, it will be possible to seize the data by infiltrating the communication system or to prevent sending messages for deception purposes. We aim to transform our projects that we have worked on for use in many areas such as supply chain, intellectual property rights, health, land registry/real estate, identity management with the maturation of this technology and to improve the knowledge of this technology with human resources.

Especially starting from our experience in identity systems and technologies in the Republic of Turkiye Identity Card Project, which we have been the main contractor since 2016, our studies for a digital identity system project with blockchain infrastructure are continuing to be used for authentication and sharing processes. The aim of the project is to create a digital identity system compatible with Republic of Turkiye Identity Card (TCKK), and to create a blockchain-based distributed digital identity system that will allow one to control who can access his/her own identity data and which identity data will be shared with whom.

The most important feature of the project is that it complies with the Law on Protection of Personal Data and offers a solution with a distributed architecture that provides high security and privacy such as blockchain. Within the scope of the project, a mobile application will be developed and it will be ensured that the identity information, which is the most sensitive data of the person, is managed by the owner of the data, and communicated to the parties through the blockchain network.

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