Coast Guard Ships


Sensors & Weapons

1 x 30 mm/25 mm Gun
2 x 12.7 mm Gun
HF Radio Systems
V/UHF Radio Systems
Weather FAX
S/P Telephone System
Local Area Network (LAN)
Satellite TV System
CCTV System
1x X-Band Radar
1x S-Band Radar
2x GPS
Thermal Cameras
Ship Data Distribution System

Main Propulsion

2x or 4x Diesel Engine (acc. to speed
2x Propeller (CPP or FPP)
1x Tunnel thruster

Power Generation

4x Diesel Generator

Coast Guard Functions Capability

2x 5.5 meters RHIBs (stern ramp launch and
recovery system)
4x 7 meters RHIBs
1x 20 ft multi mission container space
Rescue Zone for multi purpose missions
(50 persons capacity)
Flight deck for 10 t class helo and Hangar for
1 helo / 2 UAV (for day & night landing and
A hydraulic-telescopic crane of 10 tons (SWL)
to serve aft deck area

Law Enforcement Capability

Law Enforcement Operation Center
Law Enforcement Briefing Center (up to 50
Detention Area
3x Detention Cell


Comfortable accommodation for 125 crew

Growth Capabilities

Custom sensors & weapons
Additional accommodation area

Technical Spesifications

Main Dimensions

Lenght Overall 113,2 m
Lenght Waterline 105,2 m
Max. Breadth 14,4 m
Draft  4,05 m


Speed & Endurance

Max Speed 25+ kts
Cruising Speed 14 kts
Endurance  8000 nm at 14 kts



Displacement 3100 t

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