General Features

  • Next generation, high precision touch screen technology that requires no keyboard
  • Route Planning and safe navigation control
  • User-friendly software and interfaces
  • Wide screen options for each product group
  • Windows-based operating system (Embedded Enterprise for Windows® 10 LOT)
  • Wide map support (ENC ARCS AVCS Jeppesen Ed.3 Professional/Professional+)
  • Optional marine-type, trackball keyboard with QWERTY layout
  • Optional accessories with EN60945 certificates

The STMDENGİZ E Series is equipped with a new generation Intel® Apollo processor, and has been developed for those looking seeking an all-in-one multifunctional economical solution with multi-processor functions, high resolution display technology, fanless design and low energy consumption.


STMDENGİZ X Series has a wide range of uses with its high processing power, high resolution and screen size options, suitable for those looking for optimum performance.

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